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The Spring 2017 Distinguished Cellar Auction

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Orange County, California
Hong Kong, JAS Forwarding
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A California Classicist’s Collection
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A Well-Stored Collection of High-Quality California Wine
An American Aviator’s Collection, Part XIII
An Aussie’s Gems
Cellar of a California Cult Connoisseur, Part XV
Cellar of a Laguna Beach Collector, Part VI
Cellar of a Silver State Collector, Part X
Cellar of a World Traveler
Direct From the Cellar of CVNE
Direct From the Cellar of Schloss Schönborn
Direct From the Cellar of Weingut Forstmeister Geltz Zilliken
Direct From the Cellar of Weingut Haart
Library Releases Direct From CVNE
Lost Treasures from the Classical European Dessert Cart
The 2016 Rancho Santa Fe Collection
The Achaemenid Cellar
The Alton Collection, Part IV
The Aquamarine Collection
The Artist’s Great Estates Collection
The Banyan Cellar
The Beltway Blue Chips Cellar, Part XV
The Bergamot Cellar
The Big Sky Cellar: Collection of a Wine Nut, Part II
The Box Office Cellar, Part II
The Breakwater Cellar
The Cambridge Collection, Part VII
The Canyon Collection, Part III
The Casa Savoia Cellar
The Chieftain Cellar
The Circle Collection
The Cisalpine Cellar
The Citrus Collection
The Claret Collection: Direct From Bordeaux
The Copper Collection, Part XVIII
The Crystal Cove Cellar
The Deming Collection
The Dentelles Collection, Part III
The Diamond Mountain Cellar
The Dickenson Family Treasure
The District Cellar: An Extraordinary Single-Owner Cellar of California Classics
The E Street Collection: The 3rd Tour
The Embrayage Cellar
The Envy Cellar: A Collection of Must-Have Icons
The Formosa Cellar, Part III
The Gator Cellar
The Golden Connection Cellar, Part VI
The Great Wilshire Cult Cellar, Part XV
The Great Wilshire Cult Cellar, Part XVI
The Half Moon Collection
The Havasu Cellar
The Home State Collection, Part VII
The Hudson Highlands Collection
The Iacobus Cellar
The Irvine Rare Beer and Wine Collection, Part II
The Late Jim Holsing Collection, Part II
The Lemon Grove Collection
The Lessay Collection, Part IV
The Lime Blossom Cellar
The Madrid Collection, Part II: An Extraordinary Collection of Rare Beer
The Magna Graecia Collection
The Manzanilla Collection
The Mazu Collection
The Midwest Gentleman’s Century Cellar Part XVIII
The Mission Viejo Cellar, Part XII
The Moonlight Cellar
The Newsletter Cellar: Legacy Selections from a Renowned Collector
The Northern Collection
The Occidental Collection
The Ogapoge Cellar, Part II
The Old World/New World, Part V
The Olympic Collection
The Oregon Coast Collection, Part VII
The Oregon Coast Collection, Part VIII
The Oroblanco Cellar
The Paganica Cellar
The Pamplemousse Cellar
The Pomelo Cellar
The Ponderosa Cellar
The Quercus Cellar
The Red River Collection
The Redwood Cellar
The Rolling Hills Collection
The Rose Cellar: A Collection of Rare Beer
The San Gabriel Cellar, Part II
The San Pablo Bay Collection
The Sea Cliff Collection
The September Collection
The Sinaasappel Cellar
The SOC Collection, Part II
The Solano Cellar
The Sonoma Coast Collection
The Sudachi Cellar
The Sudachi Cellar, Part II
The Tea Garden Collection – A Single-Owner Collection of 2014 Late Releases
The Tech Coast Collection, Part VII
The Tour de Force Collection, Part II
The Twisted Pine Collection, Part III
The Valley Collection, Part VII
The Visitation Collection
The Wine Pioneer Collection, Part XIX
The Wine Pioneer Collection, Part XVIII
The Wolverine Cellar
The Zephyrus Collection
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1383 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
Session Closed.

Consists of 3 Bottles, 0.75L OWC.
100 JS

The Pomelo Cellar

Lot Location: Orange County

Estimate: $5,500

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