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Spectrum Wine Auctions intends to make selling your wine or consigning it to auction an easy, streamlined and always personal experience. This starts with the estimate. Our experts can accurately identify and determine the current market value of your property for outright sale or at auction. To schedule a complimentary, confidential wine appraisal, please call us at (888) 982-1982.

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Telephone: (888) 982-1982 or +1 (949) 748-4845
Fax: +1 (949) 567-1360
Email: Info@SpectrumWine.com

Appraisal Services

For a preliminary evaluation of our wine, please send your wine list and digital images by email to Info@SpectrumWine.com. A Spectrum representative will contact you promptly about your appraisal.

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Additional Appraisal Information

Essentially, there are two types of appraised values: the item's value in the market: its fair market value, often referred to as the price paid by a willing Buyer to a willing seller; and its replacement value, the retail price that would have to be paid to replace the item. Even if you don't plan to sell, Spectrum Wine Auctions offers both fair market and insurance appraisals. Our appraisals are all private and confidential, and detailed written descriptions, inventories and values of the items appraised will be provided. Many factors determine appraisal fees, including time and travel. Please call Spectrum Wine Auctions at (888) 982-1982 to schedule a private appraisal and determine a fee.

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Sales Commissions

Each consignment is considered unique and worthy of a custom fee structure reflecting the competitive costs of marketing. Generally, specialized fee structures are quoted for individual items valued in excess of $10,000 or collections valued above $100,000. Additional service fees, which may include shipping, insurance and photography, will be quoted in consultation with our client. Appraisal fees vary according to the scope and complexity of the collection. Fees will be quoted within a private consultation.

Trusts and Estates

Spectrum Wine Auctions can work with heirs, banks and attorneys to help value and dispose of estates of any size. Please call (888) 982-1982 for more information.

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