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Spectrum Wine Retail, 02/8/24: Distinguished 97pt Brunello di Montalcino: "The ladies of Le Potazzine make a terrific bottle of Brunello"

"This continues to be one of Montalcino’s top producers year after year."
Eric Guido, Vinous

"Le Potazzine is no longer on the way up; they’ve already arrived.


This traditional winery, located just southeast of the town of Montalcino, saw its first vintage in 1997, yet the family’s winemaking roots go back much farther. Giuseppe Gorelli spent 15 years as an enologist at the Consorzio del Brunello, working alongside Giulio Gambelli, as well as eleven years at his family’s estate, Due Portine, before starting Le Potazzine with his wife Gigliola. Today, Gigliola runs the estate with her two daughters, Sonia and Viola ....

The Le Potazzine winery is located in the northeast of Montalcino, an extremely unique location with its own stamp of terroir. Looking out across a valley at the town center gives you a perspective of the elevation here - at around 500 meters. The soils as well are very distinct, being well-draining and rocky, with a high iron content that gives them a reddish hue. While the Le Potazzine winery is typically associated with these high elevations and cooler terroir, it’s only 3 of their 5 hectares that are located around the winery. The other parcel is located in Sant’Angelo in Colle, La Torre, in the south with lower elevations and alluvial soils, which is the ‘secret’ to the balance that this winery is able to achieve vintage after vintage – essentially finding the perfect blend of the two.That said, I can’t help but stress how well this estate does in warm vintages....

This continues to be one of Montalcino’s top producers year after year."

Eric Guido, Vinous

"'Potazzine'is a Tuscan term for the colorful and vivacious birds that inhabit the Tuscan countryside."

“Le Potazzine is a high-altitude estate (with organically farmed vineyards at 500 meters above sea level) characterized by Galestro and iron-rich soils …. Gigliola Giannetti made a commitment to high-elevation vineyards 30 years ago, and that choice has proven essential for the quality of her wines today. In the distant past, Brunello vines at 500 meters above sea level may have been more difficult to ripen. But today, as the climate grows warmer, her deft farsightedness has proven to be an enormous competitive advantage.”
Monica Larner, Wine Advocate

100% Sangiovese planted at 6,000 vines per hectare; acuvée of two parcels - one in La Prata at 507m elevation and one in La Torre at 420m; spontaneous fermentation lasting 42 days; aged in large, Slavonian oak; bottled unfiltered

"Aromas of crushed mint, pressed rose and perfumed berry mingle with warm spice in this dazzling red. Thanks to some of the highest vineyard altitudes in the denomination, it boasts vibrancy and finesse in its flavors of ripe black cherry, juicy blood orange, licorice and crushed mint. Taut, elegant tannins and fresh acidity keep it balanced and focused."

Kerin O'Keefe, Wine Enthusiast

"The ladies of Le Potazzine make a terrific bottle of Brunello, and their high-elevation vineyards are especially important in maintaining freshness in a scorching-hot vintage such as this. The 2017 Brunello di Montalcino offers a pretty succession of wild berry, cherry and plum aromas, along with light spice, crushed flowers and perfumed potting soil. This wine is also distinguished by a touch of bay leaf and maybe a warmer note of cured tobacco as well. This is an impressive effort."

Monica Larner, Wine Advocate